DCCC 2018 Priority Petitioning

  1. Has anyone petitioned to DCCC's nursing program for Fall 2018? I just completed my TEAS test and wasn't sure if I should try to achieve higher scores. I am aiming for night/weekend.
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  3. by   LKnight1
    Hey! I'm going to petition for DCCC's 2018 program. I'm currently studying for the teas and hope to be ready before the end of this month. I also plan to apply to the evening/weekend program at Marple.
  4. by   ppatel7ja
    What score did you get ?
  5. by   citygirl215
    78 Comp Score
  6. by   KFaust
    I just petitioned for Fall 2018 night and weekend also!
  7. by   ppatel7ja
    Did any one received any petition completion letter after submitting petition ?
  8. by   citygirl215
    I received a letter today saying that my file was complete as far as paperwork needed. Did you guys receive the same letter? Also, what were your scores for TEAS if you don't mind me asking. I'm a nervous wreck! December can't come fast enough!
  9. by   citygirl215
    Hopefully we will be classmates!!!
  10. by   dkellyukatu
    Hey I'm in the exact same position as you. I got a 77 composite after taking it for the first time. I know I can get at least an 85 but I don't know if it'll be necessary, I'd prefer to save my money. I'm going to just petition and if I don't get in by December I'll take the test again and petition again
  11. by   ppatel7ja
    I got 78 composition same as you but my Reading score is little bit low.
  12. by   citygirl215
    Are you taking it over? I was going to take the test over but honestly I don't think I have it in me to take that test another time. Too much time, effort, and money.
  13. by   ppatel7ja
    No. My Application is already completed and don't want to take the test again.
  14. by   citygirl215
    Update: I received my acceptance letter today!!! I was so shocked in the timing.