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Columbia BSN/MSN ETP 2014

  1. 0 I was surprised that there didn't seem to be a thread for this year's applicants to Columbia's ETP program. So I thought I would start one. The information session was today, but I wasn't able to go. I was hoping someone else went and would be able to post any admission statistics or tips for the personal statement they gave.
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    Hi Wavy Gravy, I am also applying for the ETP program for 2014. I've read past comments and threads which offered a lot of personal experience up until some of the applicants were selected. Have you tried applying yet? On the FAQS, they stated that the application would be up on Aug. 15th. I have checked everyday from the 15th but I get an error message. Have you had any luck?
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    Thanks for starting this thread! I keep getting an error message too. I've tried adding myself to the prospect listserve by emailing the address on the website, but I haven't gotten a response yet =/
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    Hey guys!

    I'm also applying for the program. I think since this is the first time the entire application process will be online, they want it to go as smoothly as pos
    sible. So right now they only posted pre-application instructions, so everyone interested gets ready and has everything in hand, without last minute surprises. We'll all continue to check each day lol but if anyone hears anything, please pass it along. Anyway, good luck guys! Hopefully, we all get to know each other better by the time CUSON starts mailing us "yays or nays". xoxox KIT
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    Hi everyone!

    I will also be applying to the program this fall, I'm hoping to get into the nurse anesthesia specialty! I haven't had any luck with the application either, just checked a couple hours ago. What other programs are you guys applying to? I hope we can get to know each other over the next few months!

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    Hi everyone!

    I am applying for the FNP specialty this Fall. I am very anxious to begin the application process! Does anyone have insight on the online letters of recommendation process? It has been eons since I have had to ask for letters of recs, and last time it was the traditional paper format.

    @mewei - I am hoping to apply to Hopkins, Pace, Duke and a school in California (not quite sure where yet.) Admittedly, my record is not perfect, but a girl can dream! I too hope we will all get to know each other throughout this process! Where are you planning on applying to?
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    Hey girl!

    About the online-LOR process, at an open house we were informed that (once the application opens) we need to upload the business contact information (name, email, address, phone...etc) of our 3 potential recommenders. CUSON then directly emails them a link & instructions. They will be able to submit the LOR right on the website, which I believe is more of a form than an actual letter. However, since the system is new, no one can know for sure how it will be. What you should do, is start looking for your people and getting their contact info. Let them know CUSON will be contacting them shortly! hope that helps.
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    @sweet03nesy - Thank you so much for the insight! Hoping the application goes live soon!
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    the application is up! Best of luck!
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    @aiwish - I am applying to UPenn's direct entry program as well, and then just the ABSN programs at Johns Hopkins, Duke, Oregon Health and Science, and potentially a few others as well.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Hi all!
    Does anyone know what the last day you can take the GRE is? I know it's October 31st for Yale but can't find any information about Columbia's. Thanks!
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    wonderwad, I'm not sure about the GRE, but since they have to be submitted before the application deadline, I would venture to guess that the last date that you could take them for Columbia isn't much later than Yale's. You could call/email the admissions office to find out for sure if they have a specific date though.

    Another question for everyone: On the prereq section of the application, it's possible to put in more than one class for each prereq. I've taken a couple classes that I think would fulfill some of the prereqs (ex. English Comp, Psychology)...should I input all of the classes I think would be relevant to that prereq, or just the one I think is best?

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    Hello! I'm a current Columbia ETP student, and I remember well how nerve-wracking this entire experience is!!! Agonizing over every single word in my application essay, stressing over my letters of recommendation, studying for hours for the GRE... it's hard work, but it feels good when you finally get it done.

    I wish you all the best of luck. If there are any questions you may have about the program, please feel free to ask.