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I was surprised that there didn't seem to be a thread for this year's applicants to Columbia's ETP program. So I thought I would start one. The information session was today, but I wasn't able to go. :( I was hoping someone else... Read More

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    Dee789 my status also says that I am missing a 'Reference' even though all 3 have been submitted. Did they let you know what that meant?

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    Yeah, they said it's an error and not to worry about it. They're working on fixing it.
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    Hi everyone, thank you for your responses. I am still over the 2 page limit so am frantically trying to shorten it! It's frustrating!
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    Hey Everyone!

    Here is the most recent email they sent with information. Hopefully it is of use for who ever is interested. It definitely was for me!

    "Thank you for your interest in Columbia University School of Nursing. With the application season now here and the deadline on Friday, November 15, 2013, we wanted to highlight a few topics. Please refer to the following link regarding instructions to the application:[COLOR=#0000FF][/COLOR]
    Regarding the personal statement, please be advised that the instructions state that the personal statement should be two pages, twelve font, and double-spaced; margins should be standard. While we understand that there is a lot you want to discuss, please follow these instructions.
    For the prerequisites, we ask for Anatomy and Physiology as two separate courses. If you have completed, or intend to complete A & P 1 and 2, please list A&P 1 as Anatomy and A&P 2 as Physiology on your prerequisite section. As a reminder, you may have classes pending through the application process, however all courses must be completed by entry. We will provide further instructions for fall grades in the upcoming weeks.
    As you prepare to submit your application, you will note that the preview does not showcase your prerequisite section and a few other parts of your application. We are working on this and rest assured that we will iron out the details on our end and ensure the accuracy of your application. We will e-mail you should we have any questions.
    Once you submit your application, you will notice a blank reference that appears underneath your status with your other checklist items. Please disregard this reference. We are working to remove this item. Your three recommendations should all appear followed by their name.
    Lastly, we are working to match the GRE score to your application. As we begin the review process, we will check this requirement as received. You will not need to call/e-mail us to confirm receipt of scores. Please note that this may take some time as we work our way through all of the applications.
    We understand the anxiety that comes with this time of year and know that we working to make the process as smooth as possible. Should you have any questions about the application or our programs, please feel free to contact us at [COLOR=#0000FF][/COLOR]. We look forward to working with you and wish you good luck!
    Kind Regards,
    Office of Admissions
    Columbia University School of Nursing"
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    Thank you dee789 & sweet03nesy! I checked with admissions and everything was submitted. For others who haven't yet submitted their applications, don't stress too much if the application proof isn't 100% accurate, I guess!
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    Just submitted! Anyone know what "reference" is under the application checklist? Once you submit your application, there is a checklist at the end that lists all of the materials that have or have not been received, and all of my letters of recommendation have been received, so I'm not sure what "reference" they mean! Anyone have an idea?

    Thank you and good luck to you all!
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    Dee789 and lgji123456 just saw your post, same thing for me, don't know what it means!
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    Hi everyone. Super last minute. Email from the director said that the essay has to be double-spaced. I don't see that instruction on the application itself?
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    It's not on the actual application but it is on the website, and they sent an email about it a few days ago.
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    Don't worry about the "reference" check mark. They sent an email explaining it is just an error on the application system not your application itself. They should have it fixed soon apparently but they said it's not a problem!
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