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  1. 0 hey everyone,
    I'm looking to return to school for Rn to BSN. I feel so overwhelmed!! which one to pick. I have looked at western governors, grand canyon and colorado technical.
    I haven't found much input about Colorado technical so can anyone give me some advice about this school?
    has anyone started or completed the RN to BSN program?

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    I work for CTU as the Dean of Health Science and Nursing, so I can answer your questions about the program logistics. Our curriculum was developed according to the quality and safety standards promoted by the Institute of Medicine. In order to qualify for the program, you must be a licensed RN with a degree from an Associate of Nursing program or a diploma Registered Nurse program. Our faculty includes many nursing and health care professionals currently working in the field, and live chats for each class are conducted twice weekly, so you can interact with other classmates and your instructor.


    Hope this helps!
    Michele Crissman, J.D., MSN, CMA
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    Is CTU's nursing program have ACEN or CCNE accreditation?