collin college ADN spring 2017

  1. Anyone applying to the spring 2017 ADN program
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  3. by   Donnie315
    I am! I haven't turned in my application yet, I still need to get my transcripts.
  4. by   Jocelyn517
    If you dont mind me asking how many points are you applying with?did you know about the new point scale?
  5. by   Donnie315
    I knew they were going to a new point system, but I didn't find out what it was until I took the psb at the beginning of July. I am applying with 38 points. I got 15/17 with the new psb scoring. what about you?
  6. by   Jocelyn517
    I just found out the other day and it was too late for me to retake my psb so I will have 32 points
  7. by   Donnie315
    Don't get too discouraged. This is the first semester with the new point system, so it will be hard to determine what it will take to get in.
  8. by   Jocelyn517
    Yes still going to apply but I guess it wont be so bad if I dont get least the program is accelerated so I can try again for next summer
  9. by   DCTrammel
    I am. Have not turned in my ap yet, waiting for transcripts. I have to wait for A&P 2 so it will show in progress and that will hurt me. As of right now I have 35/43, hoping to get to 39/43.
  10. by   Jocelyn517
    What about microbiology
  11. by   DCTrammel
    My Micro transferred so just taking the one class. Am done with everything else.
  12. by   Jocelyn517
    Im waiting for transcripts as well but if I dont get in for the spring I feel positive about the summer.i still have a few classes I want to do and since the program is accelerated it would be hard to take classes on top of nursing. But im still gunna apply with the points I have sure letters will go out in October. Its gunna feel like a long wait.ive looked on previous feeds and they take a while
  13. by   emroller
    Hi! I am applying for Spring 2017 admission as well just wanted to say hi to everyone and good luck. I was disappointed to hear of the changes with the point system as well. I'm not taking micro until this fall so I am applying with 37 points and just hoping for the best!
  14. by   Jocelyn517
    I believe micro has to be completed before you apply