Belmont University Accelerated BSN Fall 2013

  1. Hello....if you have been accepted into the ABSN program for Fall 2013 at Belmont University I have started a Facebook page so we can all get connected for those of you interested. You will find it on Facebook under, Belmont University Accelerated Nursing Fall 2013, (original, I know!). I am not from Tennessee and am a little nervous about the move (I currently live in Washington State) but excited too! Looking forward to meeting my fellow peers in the ABSN program! If you can't find the above on FB send me a message and I'll include you in the group. Take care.
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  3. by   aTOMicTom
    It is Soooooo hot here! Be sure your car has GREAT a/c. Belmont is in a very nice part of town and Nashville is really nice compared to many cities similar in size; clean, safe, friendly, and not run-down. I'm confident you'll love it here. Except everybody talks like Festus on "Gunsmoke".
    If you have a European car and it needs service take it to GPO on Lebanon Pike, the BMW, MB and Audi dealers' service departments here leave something to be desired.
    Can you tell I like cars, 50% of my post is automotive but I'm just trying to think what I'd like to know about a new town I was moving to!
    Lastly, the best pizza = Joey's House Of Pizza. Although Belmont is close to lots of great restaurants, notably Ken's Sushi, my very favorite place to eat in Tennessee!
    Good luck in your book-learnin'!
  4. by   aTOMicTom
    Derp! Derble perst! I'm a newbie here =)