Bakersfield College Spring 2018

  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to start a this forum for those applying to Bakersfield College spring 2018 nursing program. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone who is as anxious as I am to find out when the notification letters are closer to being sent out. Also, has anyone taken the TEAS 6?
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  3. by   belanova21
    Good luck to you!
    This is my second time applying for the program.
    I'm still studying for teas. Been studying since last year.
  4. by   RNAVARRO13
    Thank you! And good luck to you too! This is my first semester applying. I took the teas 6 about a month ago.
  5. by   belanova21
    How was the teas ? I've been having trouble with the reading part. Was the reading tricky ?
  6. by   RNAVARRO13
    The math and science portions were pretty easy. I thought I did well in the English and language usage section but I got a 75. I thought the reading section was tricky. While studying for the reading section I struggled to get the correct answers for logical conclusions. I got a 75 for that portions as well . My overall teas score was an 84.7. For math and science I just took as many practice test as I could to find my weak points. I found mometrix to be helpful for these two sections.