Baker College of Flint Fall 2013 Nursing Program

  1. Who all applied and took their Kaplan? Anyone else just as anxious as I am about getting their letters?
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  3. by   bbarnes22
    Yes, I am extremely nervous. I am extremely nervous waiting for it to come. I can't wait for August. How did you do on your Kaplan & GPA?
  4. by   Threnodie
    My GPA is 3.9 and I got a 76% on my Kaplan. I am wishing that I hadn't used that Kaplan study guide for the exam. The writing part wasn't even close to what it actually was. How did you do? What was your GPA/Kaplan score?
  5. by   bbarnes22
    I am not sure what my GPA was I got a 73 on my Kaplan. I ended up with an 85.65. I know the cut off last semester was an 85 so I am right on the line. Owossow recieved their acceptance letters in June.... Which I think is a little unfair. The anxiety is killing me!
  6. by   redranger85
    I'm still waiting too! This is crazy! I think my points were 88 but can't remember. My transcript says GPA 3.97 and I got 83 on kaplan. I'm stressing because I got a 5 point deduction for retaking a course that I failed in 2003, young and stupid, I just stopped going when I should have withdrawn. Has anyone called to see when they are mailing?
  7. by   bbarnes22
    I did. They said by the end of the month.... I think I am just going to harrass them until I get a specific date. Lol
  8. by   Threnodie
    It's getting down to the wire and I am getting more and more nervous. Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   bbarnes22
    Yeah same here. I can't wait to know. The letters go out Thursday the assistant said. I just can't wait!
  10. by   Threnodie
    I wish they would tell us what the cut off is.
  11. by   bbarnes22
    Right! Anyone get letters yet?
  12. by   Threnodie
    Not yet! I was hoping they would send them sooner than Thursday
  13. by   Threnodie
    Just called the office and they told me they aren't sending the letters till next week! Can someone else call to see if they say the same thing?
  14. by   bbarnes22
    They told me tomorrow which I don't understand because our application says on or before August 1st this is very unprofessional