Baker College of Flint Fall 2013 Nursing Program

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    Who all applied and took their Kaplan? Anyone else just as anxious as I am about getting their letters?
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    Yes, I am extremely nervous. I am extremely nervous waiting for it to come. I can't wait for August. How did you do on your Kaplan & GPA?
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    My GPA is 3.9 and I got a 76% on my Kaplan. I am wishing that I hadn't used that Kaplan study guide for the exam. The writing part wasn't even close to what it actually was. How did you do? What was your GPA/Kaplan score?
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    I am not sure what my GPA was I got a 73 on my Kaplan. I ended up with an 85.65. I know the cut off last semester was an 85 so I am right on the line. Owossow recieved their acceptance letters in June.... Which I think is a little unfair. The anxiety is killing me!
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    I'm still waiting too! This is crazy! I think my points were 88 but can't remember. My transcript says GPA 3.97 and I got 83 on kaplan. I'm stressing because I got a 5 point deduction for retaking a course that I failed in 2003, young and stupid, I just stopped going when I should have withdrawn. Has anyone called to see when they are mailing?
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    I did. They said by the end of the month.... I think I am just going to harrass them until I get a specific date. Lol
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    It's getting down to the wire and I am getting more and more nervous. Good luck to everyone!
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    Yeah same here. I can't wait to know. The letters go out Thursday the assistant said. I just can't wait!
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    I wish they would tell us what the cut off is.
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    Right! Anyone get letters yet?