Anyone taking RN to MSN at Grand Canyon University?

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    I'm starting classes online next week to go RN to MSN- it skips over BSN by only 3 classes, at Grand Canyon University. Has anyone done this or is anyone thinking about it or doing it? I'd love to find a buddy in the program. Thanks.
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    I was looking into doing something like this, however based on reading "This Master of Science in Nursing bridge program is designed for registered nurses with a bachelorís degree in health sciences or other related fields." I was assuming it was for someone who currently possesses a BSN, and not a ADN. I would love to further my education as well as my degree status, however it gets expensive to continue and my company doesn't give tuition reimbursement unless they are requiring you to continue due to a job/title change.

    If I am looking at the wrong place, or if you could send me a link or information on the ADN to MSN program.. Thanks so much, I would love to participate.
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    here's the link to the RN to MSN (without requiring BSN)... after this, you can specialize in various topics, i'm specializing in nursing education.
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    Thanks so much, I will read over this. Now I don't have to waste so much money to get to my end goal. That is wonderful, but some of these education websites are very difficult to navigate. Thanks again. ;0)
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    Hi, I will be attending Grand canyon BSN to MSN this coming January. I wasnt sure if I should choose the education or leadership track. After speakinng to the representative I can teach with the MSN in leadership and also teach in a hospital, so I think that I am going to pick Leadership. Good Luck!
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