Anyone get accepted from Mission College LVN to RN prg?? - page 2

Haven't heard from them and I'm going nuts!!!:( :unsure: ... They say not to call their office :no: that they will contact you through mail if you've been accepted or not, however their website... Read More

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    Hey LVNpanda824.... Unfortunately I am in the same boat as you(got the denial letter)... I am completely sad about it! I had everything completed and thought I had a really good chance at getting in. Will you be attending the meeting? I'm pretty bitter about the whole thing but I am curious as to what they have to say. Good luck in all your endeavors and don't give up! We'll get in somewhere!

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    I've applied before, last year I didn't get in because of lottery (everything completed as well), and the year previous it was because my mission college transcript wasn't recent or some BS like that, because they can look it up themselves u know (they ARE mission college) so it seems the reason I didn't get AGAIN this year, was because of the lottery. Their whole systems sucks, I hate that they don't have a waiting list. Anyways, I am also feeling bitter, angry, and sad at the same time. These meetings are ridiculous in my opinion. They meet with you individually and tell you why you weren't selected, which I feel they can just tell you in the letter or on the phone. Some of the reasons are because of the things I mentioned above. I'm not sure if I'm going to go, I have work in the afternoon, and I don't feel its worth asking for time off, when I already know I haven't been selected. But you're right, we'll get in somewhere, we have bigger and better plans somewhere else right? Good luck!
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    Hey Rowenalara! Have you thought about going to sjsu? Or Cal state east bay? I will be applying to these schools, hopefully get in to either school?! Here we go again with applications and the waiting period! Jan is right around the corner, will you be applying to Mission again?

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