Aiken Tech Spring 2018 applicants

  1. Has anyone else applied to Aiken Tech for spring 18? The application deadline just closed and now the waiting game begins! After reading previous threads, I hope I have enough points.
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  3. by   smims1024
    I am!!! Super nervous but excited. I applied last semester but didn't get in. Its more competitive in the fall. My friend got in last spring with 21 points. The cut off was 22 points and someone declined their acceptance so he was next in line with 21 points. I have 24 points so I really hope its enough.
  4. by   Kak52711
    Hi! Do you know when they usually make a decision? I have not attended aiken tech yet since I just moved to the area this month. I've heard good things about aikens program though! I'm gonna have a long commute from grovetown but it'll be worth it😊.
  5. by   smims1024
    Around the end of October/begining of Nov. at the latest I believe.
  6. by   Kak52711
    Ugh it's gonna be a long next couple of weeks!
  7. by   GeorgiaRN2019
    Hey I have applied too! I had 29 points, what about y'all?
  8. by   taylor2017
    Im in the program now, got accepted for Fall 2017! Goodluck!
  9. by   GeorgiaRN2019
    Thank you taylor2017! I saw that for Spring 2016, they found about my November 2nd! I hope we don't have to wait that long!
  10. by   Kak52711
    I have 32 points but I've never attended aiken. Hoping they take all my core credits.