ABSN Regis University Class of 2012

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    Hey Regis ABSN Class of 2012! My name is Katie and I am really excited to start this venture! Lets all introduce ourselves!

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    yahooo! i'm in i'm Annie from Seattle. any other out of state-ers?
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    Hello! I'm Lauren, I'm from Colorado. Can't wait to meet you both soon. What are you both doing until class starts? I'm going out of state for a few months to save up some money and relax until our crazy year!!
    I'm so excited for this new adventures and so happy I got in. I cannot wait! Congrats!
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    I wish I could leave and save money! I'm working until the middle of November then taking the rest of the time before school starts to plan my wedding! I'm also really excited and cannot wait to start!
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    Hi everyone, my name is Carly and I am from Colorado. I am working until Mid-November and then will be relocating to Denver. I have a 2 1/2 year old son so we want to get him into child care before the chaos begins! Can't wait to meet you all!
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    Does anyone know if books are paid for or do we supply those ourselves?
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am Dawn and from Colorado and VERY excited to be joining each of you for the Jan 2012 class! I will be working till 12/31/11, but have vacation time I will be taking to get everything as "ready" as possible for me to be 100% focused with all of you. I come from many years working for IT companies and ready to change careers!
    Hi Katie, that is a good question, I tried to find that answer, and it does not list books. Here is the link I looked at: http://www.regis.edu/rh.asp?page=study.accbsn.tuition I also took a look at the handouts from an information session I attended a while ago, and it says to look at the website for updated tution and fees. I am not sure who to ask now, maybe Jamie?
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    I just emailed Jamie about Health ethics and books. She said that books are not included in the tuition but are budgeted through financial aid. Also, if you are signed up for the first 8 weeks of the HCE she will register you tomorrow!
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    Hi everyone! I'm Eva and I'm from California. I'm hoping to move to Colorado by December or maybe even early November. I'm so excited for this program and to meet everyone! Do any of you know if there are any good apartments near the campus? I've been looking online but I don't know if they are showing me some that are near Regis.
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    Hey CaliGirl,

    I can go by on Sunday afternoon and check out some places you want and take some pictures and send you. That area is a bit spotty with what is safe or not. What might work as well is living within an easy bus commute. Regis is right off Federal and 54th. Or another way to look at it is, on Federal and 1/2 mile north of I-70. Unless you are bringing a car with you, then your options are wide open... Please let me know how I can help.

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