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Hey Regis ABSN Class of 2012! My name is Katie and I am really excited to start this venture! Lets all introduce ourselves!:D... Read More

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    Congrats to all of you!! I'm super jealous. I applied last year and was an alternate. This year I didn't apply because we couldn't swing the year off financially. I'm wondering if you all have advice about what may have set you apart to get in this time? Since my alternate status I did finish all prereqs, got my CNA license, and now work as a private caregiver and a CNA in a retirement home. I have applied to three hospitals for volunteer positions. Any advice or insight that you guys may have about what got you into the program would be great. I want to do everything I can to look good for when I can reapply (for Choice or ABSN again). I think Choice is even harder to get into than ABSN which is sad because A) I didn't get into ABSN first try and B) financially Choice might be my only option.

    Again, CONGRATULATIONS!! I remember being so nervous last year and would have been over the moon with excitement if I had gotten in. You guys are on your way!

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    Hey All! I was on the alternate list but was informed that I got in today! So excited! Was a facebook group ever started? Anyone thinking of living in Pomponio Village?

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