Trying to get pregnant and had chemo exposure!!

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    I'm a peds hem/onc nurse. The other day I pulled back a blacket off an infant to check the IV site in her foot and realized the blanket was saturated. After investigating the source of the wetness (stupidly sans glove) I realized that the pt's foley had become disconnected. She had had chemo the previous day. Once I realized this I thoroughly washed my hands. I am trying to get pregnant and I am freaked out by this. I have read all the studies about decreased fertility and increased birth defects in women who have had occupational exposure to chemo. There is however no study I found called "Trying to Get Pregnant and Put My Hand in Chemo Pee." I try not to administer chemo but it is quite difficult to avoid all pt's excreting it and accidents happen. So if anyone out there has some advise, or perhaps has had a similar experience and went on to have a healthy child, I would love to hear it.
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  3. by   Schwarte
    I wouldn't worry too much about it! At the outpt chemo clinic I work in we have had lots of nurses pregnant, including myself twice, that have all had healthy babies. We have all been around and administered chemo while trying to conceive, however, can't say I have personally put my hand in chemo pee I know it probably isn't the best thing for you at any time, but that little exposure most likely won't harm you or your baby.