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Oncology books

  1. 0 Hi all! I am currently in my first semester of my senior year of nursing school. I would like to be a Pediatric oncology nurse and my school doesn't offer a class on oncology. I am currently doing a rotation on a pediatric hematology/oncology floor and I am looking for a textbook or book that will I can use to self-teach. Does anyone have any recommendations? I took a quick look at "Chemotherapy and Radiation for Dummies" but I'm not sure if that is what I'm looking for. I appreciate the help and any/all advice anyone can offer!
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    If you're sure you want to go into pediatric oncology, consider joining (even as a student) APHON (The Association of Pedatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses)-- if you're a member of NSNA, you can join APHON for only $25/year. You'll get a great discount on books. Two books that they sell that look really good are: The Pediatric Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Curriculum 3rd edition, and Essentials of Pediatric Oncology Nursing: A Core Curriculum. It will also give you a huge advantage when you go to look at jobs if you know what you're getting into-- as a student member, you can attend chapter meetings-- you'll learn a lot just by talking to people. If I was hiring, I'd be very impressed that a student took the initiative to join a professional organization-- it would make me think that you really wanted to be in the field and you were motivated to learn. Hope this helps.