Need advice...job interview in 3 days!

  1. I am an experienced med/surg nurse. I left the hospital last year to try homecare, but I really want to go back to more acute care nursing. I have a job interview for Oncology infusion nurse and am looking for advice. I had plenty of IV experience at the hospital, but no oncology exposure, which I am afraid may hurt my chances at getting this job. I really want this position, so any info about the role or anything I might need to know would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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  3. by   SoldierNurse22
    If asked the dreaded question -- "We have several other more experienced applicants that have already applied to this position. Why should we hire you?" -- I'd answer something like this:

    "While I have no doubt that there are more qualified applicants to this position, if you hire me, you're hiring someone who is very interested in not only this job, but in learning about this new field of nursing. I have no previous oncology experience, so this facility has the opportunity to train me to do things right without having to be concerned about old policies or previous bad habits getting in the way."

    Emphasize your inexperience with oncology as a plus. There's going to be a lot to learn. Let them know you're up for the challenge and that your inexperience might actually be of benefit to them!
  4. by   Cathyd241
    Thank You soldiernurse22, that was excellent advice! I will definitely do that.:-)
  5. by   SoldierNurse22
    No problem! Hope everything goes well for you!