help with a school project?

  1. I hope it's ok to post this in here. I wasn't sure if it belonged here or in the nursing student assistance forum.

    I'm a first semester ADN student, taking a seminar type course, Nursing as a Profession. Our final project is to choose a specific area of nursing and then interview an RN in that area. I chose oncology.

    Normally, I wouldn't use an online forum for something like this, as I know that face-to-face is preferred and allows for more questions to be asked, to gain more insight. However, the presentation date is quickly approaching and my contact at the hospital has fallen through.

    I would really appreciate it if someone would be able to help me. It's pretty short (7 questions) and asks things such as: education, special certifications necessary, salary range, daily activities, things you enjoy most/things you don't enjoy, and professional organization membership.

    If you would be willing to help, PM me and I can send you the questions. And thank you in advance!!

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