Good basic oncology overview books?

  1. I now work as a clinical review nurse for an imaging company that does mobile PET scans. The majority is cancer staging and restaging scans. I look through charts trying to key in on the path/biopsy reports as well as previous CT/PET scans. From this I make the determination if it fits the criteria of another scan and/or changing a billing code to have it be applicable.

    I talk with patients only to advise them how to prep for the test, but I'd like a better understanding of what exactly they're trying to deal with. I understand many are going to be scared and when need be I'd like to work on gaining some knowledge behind my compassion.

    So I'd like a book that would give me a basic understanding of the types of cancers, s/s of that type etc... I found this one on Amazon but not sure if it's any good or if anyone used anything else to give a better understanding.

    Any suggestions on where to begin would be great!
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  3. by   SiennaGreen
    We have great little booklets from the American cancer Society. They actually helped me as a new nurse when I couldn't find anything between my Med Surg text and the ONC review book. I wonder if you can purchase them inexpensively through ACS?