Getting started in oncology nursing for GN in TX

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    Hi everyone, this is my first posting on this website so please excuse if I make a mistake!

    I'm a 22 year old in the last semester of my ADN RN program! It's been a long haul, but I start preceptorship in a month and I'm very excited! I'm very interested in oncology nursing. My ADN program was very brief about cancer, so my knowledge is limited. I became very interested when a representative of Texas Oncology Group came to speak to my class about it. I spoke to the representative and she was very encouraging to look into the field. However, I'm...a little lost on how to get involved. As I mention, I'm 22, the only "real job" I've had is a secretarial position. How did you all get into oncology nursing? Do you have and suggestions of how to get involved? Should I look for an internship? Should I even be looking at this right now? I've brought up my concerns to my teachers, they have all replied with, "concentrate on now," but I am a worrier and a planner so I would appreciate any advice of how to get into this field!
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    I am an AAS RN and was also interested in Oncology before I even started at nursing school. I graduated June 08 and was lucky to be able to get a heme/onc position early in my career, I already have my OCN certification and haven't looked back. I know the job field is tough out there for new grads so I wouldn't turn down a job just because it isn't an oncology position. If you are unable to work on an oncology floor initially, get some experience on a med-surg floor, then perhaps you can transfer to an onc floor once you have some experience. Also working on your BSN is a good idea as a lot of hospitals in the country won't let you work in a specialty without your bachelors (so I've been told). I was one of the lucky ones to get the floor I wanted, I hope you are the same! ONS has some great articles on their website if you want to do some more reading into oncology nursing.
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    thanks for the reply! I've already begun looking for rn-bsn programs in my area, and have completed all the needed courses, so I am hoping to have a BSN soon! I'm glad you enjoy your position, I hear many oncology nurses burn out very quickly and it's a harsh reality, but I'm extremely drawn to the field and hoping to find some kind of oncology floor, but I know a few years of med surge experience may be the best first step, but still keeping fingers crossed for an onc position!

    thanks again for the reply!
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    Good luck to you! Let me know if you have an further questions.