Clorfaribine exposure/leak from extension

  1. I am training as a new RN grad on an oncology unit. I won't take my chemo certification class until September.

    This Sunday, I was heading down the hall and a patient was ambulating with family past me and I heard their pump beeping. They had 2 pumps going, and I was trying to sort out what was going into the beeping pump (distal occlusion) when passing my hand down one of the IV lines I felt moisture at a connection. That line had clorfaribine running through it. I sent the patient to his room and informed his nurse of the issue and the leak.

    This isn't about the exposure, I washed my hands well with soap and water. It's about the connection that was leaking. It was simply an IV extension set connected end to end (fixed male luer to female, no valve) where the leak happened. It seems reasonable to me that all chemo drugs SHOULD run through a closed male luer/valve, instead of a connection without one, to prevent this type of leak. I actually have NEVER seen an extension connected without one, and am now wondering about it. I'd ask my preceptor, but I don't work again until Friday.

    At the time, I didn't think anything about it, I just made sure the nurse knew it was leaking and beeping since I haven't yet learn my chemo protocols; and went and washed my hands.
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