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Hello, I am new to oncology and have some concerns about how Chemotherapy is handled at my work. First, they use NO type of PPE when mixing, drawing up or hanging Chemo. Not even gloves. I asked about this when I first started... Read More

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    A very long time ago I worked as a pharmacy tech in a hospital. I hand made all of the Hyperals, morphine syringes and audited the controlled substance paperwork. For as trusted as I was, the pharmacists never allowed me to make up the chemo drugs. Not that they didn't trust me to do it...but it was dangerous and all of them took this seriously and chose to take that task on personally. They fully dressed, with the blue gloves, not the thin exam gloves, masks and white coverall. The chemo drugs were also prepared in a special flow hood that absolutely nothing else was prepared in. The Medical University of SC pharmacy followed these same procedures during my rotations while I was in school as well. The vials, needles and syringes were all disposed of in sealed bags that had the universal chemo / warning symbol on the outside of the bag. Everything was disposed of in the bag and the bag sealed under the flow hood. The bag was then taken and put in a special container just like you have special containers for sharps.

    Also..if you are a woman and you think you may be or could be pregnant it doesn't matter what kind of precautions you take, you simply can not mix. Men are not advised to mix if they are actively trying to get their spouse pregnant either.

    If precautions are not being taken, I would find another job but not before making a few phone calls and hopefully saving some lives and a lot of grief.

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    You know, I think I'd be making an anonymous call to OSHA about this.
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    Thank you for all the information! I will definitely be making some calls.
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