WOSC Fall nursing admission

  1. Although I check this site often for information, this is my first post. I was wondering if anyone else on this site has applied to WOSC's nursing rn program for 2011 fall semester? I just turned in my packet and am a nervous wreck. I heard that LPN's have limited space. Has anyone else heard this information as well?
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  3. by   Tammy N
    I applied to WOSC and got my acceptance letter today to the Altus campus. Wanted Cameron but haven't had physiology and Cameron didn't plan them around each other so they conflict for the fall semester. Did you get a letter today?
  4. by   angndev
    congrats!!!!! yes I did get my letter today. Still kinda in shock. I also got into the altus campus and wanted lawton. but heard that they didn't really have any slots open. At least we didn't get elk city (not even sure where that is lol). My sister also got accepted into altus this fall. Are u coming in as a lpn? I am ever so greatful that all of my pre-reqs are out of the way....took me forever. My heart goes out to you..the Master (professor) Gains experience is never a fun filled time.
  5. by   Tammy N
    Congrats to you and your sister as well! Do you live in Lawton? I am not sure about traveling to Altus when the weather gets bad. Did you take anatomy and physiology with Gaines. I just finished anatomy with Dr. *. Don't know if my score wasn't high enough to get my first choice or they put me there because of the physiology. Wonder if anybody carpools? Guess you can tell I have a million questions. LOL
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  6. by   angndev
    sorry it took so long to reply. No i live in fletcher which is about 15 miles north of lawton. I don't think they put u in altus because of your scores. Some of the people I know(who had over 700 points) were sent to altus. Im not sure what the criteria is for each area, but I heard that they only had 5 slots open at the lawton campus and due to staffing cuts at the school (wosc) they didn't fill them. Dont know if that is true or not. As far as carpooling I don't mind trying to get together to start. I smoke, so not sure how you feel about that. Are you doing the lpn transition course with me in two weeks? If not, I can help you with your class stuff when you start. I can always use someone to study with. Email me directly and we will exchange phone numbers. ampdap40@yahoo.com.