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Hello! I don't know how many of you are turning in your applications for the summer 2012 OU ABSN program, but I found a helpful page on OU's website which contains a schedule for this year's ABSN... Read More

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    I also was accepted to the OKC absn!! So excited to start and meet everyone!! Where are some good places to live?
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    I'm pretty sure that like someone said in an earlier post, no news is good news when it comes to the background reports or specimen reports. I think I sent mine in the same week we received our letters and I haven't heard anything, so I assume all is good!
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    Thanks Scott. It is nice to have a voice that is already in the experience. Any additional advice or info I'd greatly appreciate it!!!

    Looking forward to orientation, I can't believe it's this Friday!

    Has any started a group for the 12-13 OKC ABSN students?
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    I haven't found any groups on Facebook yet. I suppose we could start one. Also I talked to the woman who handles our clinical packets (immunizations, background checks, etc) and she told me we can just bring all our records to the orientation and don't need to mail them in.
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    Did anyone catch at orientation when our patches and polos would be in? Also, are we wearing our uniform/scrubs to class? I guess with us all going down to the basement I missed a few things.
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    I also thought we were picking up our shirts and patches. What is everyone doing on the textbook options? I am in limbo on what I want to purchase. It would be nice to have a group on FB where we can communicate, however none of you would want me to be an admin. I am horrible at managing my own FB settings. Don't forget to post your Junior-Senior buddy powerpoint.
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    That was another question I had. Where do we post it and were we given any instructions/guidelines for this?
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    Never mind! I guess D2L was updated and now I see all the info. I will create a Facebook group when I get home this evening, that way we can easily use each other as a resource. I'll post on here and email everyone via D2L when I've created the group. Also, I was told that we will pick up our uniforms, patches, etc. the first week of class and that we will only wear scrubs to clinicals and to dress casually for class.
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    I've made a group on Facebook called, OU ABSN OKC 2012-2013.
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    I can't find the facebook group...does it take a day to get it approved?

    As far as the textbooks I went with the alumni textbook w/ ebooks option. Yeah they're more expensive, but everyone I've talked with has said the e-books are a life-saver when looking for information quickly and making study guides.
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    try this link. if it doesn't work please let me know:

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    Got it--asked to join--thanks!

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