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Hello! I don't know how many of you are turning in your applications for the summer 2012 OU ABSN program, but I found a helpful page on OU's website which contains a schedule for this year's ABSN... Read More

  1. by   OURN2013
    Thanks for checking Tifft; late news is better than no news I suppose.

    Good luck everyone!
  2. by   DrNurseBSNDNP
    Just wanted to comment and thank TiffT for the latest update. It is really crummy of them to wait so long to send out the results. Many of us have major life choices that are hanging in the balance here!
  3. by   OUabsn12
    Thank you for the update TiffT! Either you were able to talk to someone more knowledgeable than the person I talked to last week, or they have made some progress since last week; hopefully it's the progress, because I feel better knowing that they are getting things moving now.

    The thing that worries me about it taking so much longer to get letters out this year, is there is no big reason that we know of (like last year's huge snow storm) holding the decision making process up. It makes me wonder if there were just a lot more applicants this year or maybe an abnormally large amount of well qualified applicants, therefore making the decisions harder. Hopefully I'm wrong, but these are the ideas that keep running through my head.

    For those of you that are trying to make major life decisions like DrNurseBSNDNP, I don't know if calendars & dates will help you in the mean time while we are waiting for letters; but I was finally able to find the Academic Calendar for this summer & I know it has helped me figure out important things I was trying to plan for late May. I posted the link to the Orientation information page a while ago, so I got some good info from that; but the class start date they gave was only tentative. I tried looking for the Academic Calendar, but the link to it on the Admissions page was broken for a long time. It's finally working now, so here is the calendar with the start date set at Monday June 4th:

    OUHSC Office of Admissions and Records

    I know it helped me knowing the dates for everything if I do end up getting in, that way I can at least make my plans; and if I don't get in then the dates wouldn't interfere with the plans anyway. Hopefully this helps someone else too.

    Good luck everyone! Hopefully we will be hearing good news soon!
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  4. by   pedioncodreams
    I have also applied for the absn in both okc and tulsa. I have been checking my application status obsessively since I submitted my application and just check again today only to find that the applications that were previously listed for the absn at both okc and tulsa are now not showing up. this is scaring me to DEATH due to a previous poster's experience last year of the application disappearing when she was rejected. has anyone else experienced this? is anyone else's still showing?!!?
    thanks and good luck to everyone!
  5. by   CC10479
    I'm so sorry for freaking you out about that from last year! I hope it's not the case this year! But if anyone does not get accepted this year, my advice would be to get a job at one of the hospitals in the area as an aide. (I'm partial to Baptist, but just because I work there--I've heard great things from other hospitals!) I'm SO thankful I was rejected last year because the floor experience you get as an aide will make nursing school much less scary. And if I had been able to start working as an aide sooner, Baptist would have paid for me to become an AUA after six months and then I would be able to d/c foley's, draw blood, etc. And if you're an AUA it's my understanding that you get checked off on some of the first semester clinicals earlier and get to do more in clinicals. The other good thing is that Baptist is going to pay for the majority of my schooling AND guarantee's me a job after nursing school--really can't beat that!

    Also I don't know how many of you have heard about the accelerated ADN at Oklahoma City Community College. It starts in June, but they graduate in March of 2013. Obviously you'll still need to do the RN-BSN if you want to go further with your nursing, but it's a phenominal program and actually has a higher NCLEX pass rate than OU. The application for OCCC was due the last week in January, and they let us know our acceptance status TWO weeks ago--I think OU should take some pointers from them. :-)

    But, I sincerely hope we all hear great news tomorrow!
  6. by   DrNurseBSNDNP
    pedioncodreams, I would not read too much into it, honestly. But to answer your question, the two applications I have are still listed on my application status page (and I did not meet the prerequisites for one application, I just sent it in anyway). Surely we will all know the results this week.
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  7. by   CC10479
    Here's an email I just received from the OU advisor, "I just checked with your Admissions Coordinator. She said the letters should leave campus tomorrow. They are inputting decisions today."

    I think the operative word in this email is "SHOULD."

    Hopefully we will all know by the end of the week as many of us need to make life/career decisions.
  8. by   pedioncodreams
    Thanks everyone for your replies~! I am still not very optimistic about getting in. I am currently taking both poli sci and gen chem due to not having them since college. I have tons of experience in a hospital clinical setting. I went to nursing school for a year at TCU and then had to drop out of nursing school and finish my bachelor's degrees (dual degree in biology and spanish) due to a sick family member. Between a year of nursing clinicals and an externship and working as a "nurse/nurse aid" for multiple physicians i have tons of clinical experience. I wish I could have shown that on my application because I feel like that might sway them more towards letting me in! ugh.

    guess all I can do is wait now!
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  9. by   CC10479
    I too wish OU would factor experience into their decision. I assume OU wants to maintain their reputation for being a solid nursing program, and nursing students with prior healthcare experience seem to me like they would increase the retention rate.

    When I asked why they rejected me last year, they said it was based on my RESIDENCY status and the fact that I was still in the process of completing the pre-req's. The pre-req's I somewhat understand, but the fact that they put so much weight into residency seemed odd to me.

    Letters aren't out yet so don't get too discouraged--hopefully there will be great news for everyone in a few days!
  10. by   The New Girl C
    Thanks for all of the updates and comments, it is fun to read what everyone else has to say. I applied to both Tulsa and OKC and will be equally happy with either. I just want to get in somewhere! I contacted TCU last year to ask about their accelerated program, and got the impression they didn't want anything to do with me because I was an Oklahoma resident. I was a little bummed since I LOVE Texas. So maybe residency is just one of those important factors that doesn't make much sense.

    Anyway, I am glad I'm not the only one worried about why this letter has taken so long and practically put my entire future on hold. It has been stressful, but I am still very hopeful for good news! Best of luck to everyone!
  11. by   pedioncodreams
    Thanks for your response CC10479! If you don't mind me asking, what prereq's were you in the process of taking last year when you applied? I'm hoping that the fact i've finished all the NURSING prereqs with great grades will weigh more heavily than the poli sci and gen chem core requirements for ou as a whole.
    Thankfully, I am an oklahoma resident....i just hope all of that is enough!
  12. by   pedioncodreams
    Hi New Girl---I received my bachelor's degrees from TCU. I was enrolled in their nursing program for one year--before a family emergency forced me to just graduate with the hours i already had, thus, i was unable to finish the program. I have been a permanent oklahoma resident my entire life and TCU's nursing program accepted me! So maybe you just talked to someone who was having a bad day and was cranky? they are extraordinarily strict but it is a great program. I would have loved to go back if I didn't have reason to stay in oklahoma!
  13. by   CC10479
    Pedioncodreams--I was finishing Chemistry and Statistics. Of course I have nothing to do with the nursing program decisions, but if OU doesn't accept you they're crazy. I wish OU had told me how much priority they place on residency status last year; I probably would have been less disappointed if I had known.

    Just got home from a long road trip with the hopes of finding a letter in the mailbox...sadly only junk. I noticed on OU's website that they extended some application deadlines for other programs. I wonder if something happened within the administrative staff.

    Here's to hoping the letters come tomorrow!