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I am currently earning my CNA through Tulsa Tech, and am stuck between TTC and TCC's program for my associates (I plan on switching to a university for my BSN later) Both have long waiting lists, of courses, but I was interested... Read More

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    Hi, I'm currently a nursing student at TCC and I have fellow classmates that are going to level two with me in a week and they took micro and physio during level one.

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    Quote from emsimpson77
    I am reading that everyone keeps inferring that there is a long waiting list at TTC, but this was my first semester applying and I got right in. I have found that as long as you have high grades and application points, the waiting list isn't even a factor. I applied for TCC's RN program a bit prematurely because I am lacking Micro and Physiology, but my friend who lacked both had her PCT and got into the RN program the first time she applied there. At TTC, I applied in September and I am starting the program in January or March and I received an invitation to apply to the TTC-TCC RN Bridge Program. I applied and I am waiting to hear back from them. So, don't letting waiting lists scare you from applying. Try- you never know what will happen.
    Hello, I am an LVN/LPN have been for 10 years now. I am REALLY thinking of relocating to Tulsa from California. I would like to know some more information about the LVN/LPN to RN Bridge Program or if you could send me their web site.
    Thanks and GOOD LUCK!
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    Does any one know the differences from going to a CNA class at Tulsa Tech compared to TCC? I have the opportunity to enter in the TCC online blended course or the full M-F morning course at Tulsa Tech. Any ideas???
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    Hi, I was just accepted into the Feb evening class #118 at TTC. I applied in Sept and received my acceptance letter on Oct. 18th. Waiting lists are a thing of the past if you have good grades and score all the available points in the application process.

    I plan to continue to TCC for my bridge as soon as possible after I graduate. I will need to retake micro, chem, and possibly one other science class as all of mine are way more than 5 yrs old. I've heard very good comments from everyone about the LPN program at TTC, and of course the price is right when compared to places like Platt and other private schools. I can't understand how anyone could justify paying over 28,000 dollars for an LPN through Platt, when you can go to TTC for under 6000 dollars.

    I am currently working as a CNA at a Long term care facility in Tulsa. I have been trying unsuccessfully to get hired at one of the local hospitals for over 6 months. Had two interviews, then nothing. I have no desire to continue working in a nursing home after I get my LPN and would really like to find a job at a hospital where I can learn more that will help me as a nurse in a hospital environment. Any suggestions?

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