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Hey I was just curious.... I will graduate from school with my LVN in august and sit for my boards (Im in TEXAS by the way) I was wondering if i can or how i go about getting it transferred to the state of oklahoma.... Im dating... Read More

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    Quote from JenRN30
    You can also apply to the Oklahoma BON for your Oklahoma license instead of getting your Texas license, if you're sure that you are going to move here. You can even take the NCLEX in Texas for your Oklahoma boards, if that makes sense.

    Would i contact Oklahoma BON on how to do that or Texas? Thats what sounds like a cheaper / better idea..... i just need to know who to tell im doing that lol or who to ask? Should my instructors know? hmmmmm thats a lot to think about lol...... thank you for your help! any other tips are appreciated as well!

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    You would just visit the OK BON website and look for the information and forms for applying for licensure "by examination" and apply to OK for initial licensure instead of TX. Then also make sure that your school knows to send your documentation to the OK BON instead of the TX BON! Once you're authorized by the OK BON to sit the NCLEX, you can take the exam at whatever physical location is most convenient for you (e.g., in TX), and your results will go to OK.

    For the record, in reference to all the comments about "compact states," keep in mind that a compact license is only recognized in other states, for work purposes, as long as you maintain your permanent residence in your "home" state. If one moves to another state, you still have to apply for a new license, even if you move to another compact state.

    If the OP, for example, is in TX and wants to move to OK, she would still have to apply for an OK license even if TX and OK were both compact states. The NLC is really only useful for people who either 1) do travel nursing or 2) live close (close enough to commute for work) to the border of two or more compact states. For the vast majority of nurses, the NLC doesn't have any impact at all.
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    Thank you so much for the information that was extremely helpful!!!!
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    hint, researh an artile posted by sleepless in norman : Ddown And Dirty in The Oklahoma Bon" it is very inlightning and. Serarch under sleepless in norman and andd down and dirty in the oklahoma BON. Good look.
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    I will be transfering as a senior at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa from texas this fall. It is not hard to get in. just contact admission you will be in..good luck

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