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  1. Any Fall 2011 Level 1 students that already have your books....what Fundamentals, or Foundations book are they using for you guys? I know they are changing the book this semester and I have to retake Level 1. Not positive I will buy a new Foundations book, just kinda wanted to check prices.

    The name, author and ISBN would be so helpful! Thanks !
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  3. by   DBK99
    Hi, I start level 1 at TCC for the first time this fall. We had scrub fittings and book pick up this past Tuesday, and we got everything except 5 items the bookstore does not have in yet:
    1. I-clickers
    2. Lab supplies
    3. DISC personality profile
    4. Foundations packets
    5. Kozier's "Fundamentals of Nursing" textbook with e-book pkg.

    They didn't specify ISBN, but I assume it's the latest 8th edition. And all they've said is "We will notify you when items become available."

    By the way, I'm terrified. Reading thru previous posts on the Oklahoma board, it seems no one has anything good to say about the TCC program, and that all the professors are rude and demeaning and that it's crazy hard. Any tips/words of wisdom?
  4. by   gustergirl
    It is hard, i'm not going to tell you its not. I can't speak for any other levels, but Level 1 has great instructors. I really enjoyed most of them...there are about 9 total, so of course you will like some better than others. Hopefully you get a clinical instructor that you like. Both Lab instructors are AWESOME.

    I should clarify...I DID pass Level 1, however, I didn't pass Issues and Perspectives and that is the only reason I am not going to Level 2. So, yes, that one credit hour course CAN hold you back! They count points off for attendance and tardies....a hard lesson I learned! So don't blow that class off just because its only 1 credit hour. So it sucks to not be going to Level 2 , but hey, in the Spring, we should have Level 2 together.

    As for Foundations, I think its just easier for some people than others. I was not one of those people it was easy for. It's not lack of knowledge, its really critical thinking and learning how to answer the test questions. I made straight As in my prereqs, and I never made an A on one single exam in Level 1. So its a bit of an ego blow! However, there are students that made A's so I know it can be done.

    As for tips to help you...
    1. Read the chapters. Don't get behind.
    2. Learn what study methods work for you and which ones don't.
    3. NEVER work on Sundays! All your exams are on Monday and you will want/need to study!
    4. Don't put your care plan off until Sunday! Even if you think you only have a little to do, it ALWAYS takes longer than you expect it to. I can't tell you how many Sunday nights I stayed up until 2am trying to finish my care plan!
    5. Make friends, exchange numbers. It is so helpful to have a buddy you can bounce things off of, or just vent to.
    6. Remember that nursing schools literally makes you bipolar. I am not kidding! Lol. There are days I think to myself "I can't do this, its ridiculous for it to be so hard, I'm done!" and then there are days, like today, that I am convinced I can do it, and I love it, and I can't wait!

    Hope this helps calm your nerves! Level 1 really does test your committment level to Nursing, and you'll know if you made the right career choice. You can do it, if you want to!
  5. by   DBK99
    Wow! Thanks for all your tips! That sucks it's because of that ONE class. Well, now you'll have a heads up about what they want on exams. Yeah, I got all A's in my prereqs too, school's always just came easy to me. Doing everything last minute, never studying during the week and then cramming the night before an exam, starting a 10 page research paper the night before and pulling off an A, and i KNOW that won't fly in nursing school. And everyone says nursing school is all critical thinking, and I'm just worried about not knowing the "right" way to think. You eased my mind about the instructors though lol. Maybe it's the higher levels that have the demon professors I'm not worried about having TOO much work, it's just I'm worried about having work that I won't know HOW to do. I like math because there's only one right answer, it's either all the way wrong or all the way right. At least pharm is only 8 weeks!

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