swosu nursing program

  1. Does anyone know anything about this program? I read their admission requirements and think they made a mistake with the dates on it.

    it reads:Admission Requirements
    a. The applicant must have a retention grade point of 2.25 out of a possible 4.00
    b. Students who have 12 or more hours of general education and/or pre-professional courses to
    complete following the spring 2011 semester are not eligible for application.
    c. The applicant must have achieved a minimum of "C" in each of the following courses:
    and it lists a bunch of courses.
    I think they're mistaken with the date of spring 2011 and think they mean 2012. Who in their right mind would have 12 credits left of gen ed by the spring 2011 semester and wait until fall 2012 to start the nursing program. I believe they mean if you have more than 12 credits to complete after spring 2012 you are not eligible. Any one else agree?

    Anyone have any insight on this program? has anyone applied?
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  3. by   Ryan M
    Lady D,

    I have the old version of that sheet and it looks like they just forgot to change the date. I have applied and will still have 12 hours for the Spring 2012 semester so go figure
    I am writing an email to let the dept. know of the mistake so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    Good luck if you decide to apply!