1. 0 Its now the 26th of December! As my boyfriend and I were having sex on the 7th of December boyfriend was ejaculating as he was pulling out....when I stood up it was as if it all fell onto the floor! My breasts are now very tender! Is it to early for signs to begin? And if so is there any other things I can moniter at this early stage that might give me a sign if I am or not? My period doesnt start untill the 2nd or 3rd!
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    Well??? This is the 16th and no word from you since the first post. If everything is okay, AND YOU THINK YOU HAVE TO HAVE SEX, PLEASE, PRACTICE SAFE SEX.
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    Every time you have sex you can get pregnant!!!!!! The pull out method does NOT work!!!! A man secrets a small amount of fluid when he is turned on even before he ejaculates this does have sperm in it also!!!!!! :stone

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