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  1. 0 Just wondering if anyone has any info on the career ladder track at Rose State. I am a LPN and applying for the first time to the RN program. So far I have 96 points and I am going to take my compass again to raise my math. Any past or present applicants with career ladder track points cut off information would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    96 points is great! You should have no problem getting in as long as you have completed all your other requirements. Good luck.
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    Thanks. I applied and have my fingers crossed.
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    Have you heard anything yet?
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    not yet, still waiting.......
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    me too...
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    did you also apply to the career ladder track?
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    Has anyone gotten a letter or have any new info? The first of the letters are supposed to start coming out this week!
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    Nothing yet, Josh
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    I have not received anything yet.
    I have applied for the career ladder nights and weekends. I am becoming nervous at this point. I thought we would know something by Easter. Wishful thinking, I guess.
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    Yep. **** told me by May 1st if I haven't heard something to call her.
    Maybe tomorrow we'll know.
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    Gosh I sure hope so, the anticipation is terrible. Last semester the rejection letters came out first as I learned first hand "by one point" so maybe it's a good sign we haven't heard anything yet??
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    I bet letters don't go out til about the first week in May.

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