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Just wondering if anyone has any info on the career ladder track at Rose State. I am a LPN and applying for the first time to the RN program. So far I have 96 points and I am going to take my compass again to raise my math. Any... Read More

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    Quote from Tariejay
    Yep. **** told me by May 1st if I haven't heard something to call her.Maybe tomorrow we'll know.
    Have you heard anything from Marie?

    And deal haha $5!

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    Josh, you owe me $5!!!!!!
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    Haha yes I do! I can't believe it though, this wait is crazy!
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    I have good news though! I talked to a source who wishes to remain anonymous but "they" said the rejection letters have been delivered!! So with any luck that means we are in the clear!!!!!
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    Your source better be right or you owe me $10! Haha! When were the rejection letters sent out?
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    Hahaha she better be or I'm going to be broke :P she thought Tuesday but wasn't 100% on then or Moday. She works in the admin department but happened to have a meeting with members from the HSC Yesterday and she asked them then. Another 4 hours before the mailman comes!
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    Don't get my hopes up!
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    You better post as soon as the mailman comes!
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    Hahaha will do!
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    Nothing today... I'm not guessing anymore lol I think they forgot about us.

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