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Just wondering if anyone has any info on the career ladder track at Rose State. I am a LPN and applying for the first time to the RN program. So far I have 96 points and I am going to take my compass... Read More

  1. by   AmberNic0Le
    Josh, if it doesn't come tomorrow you owe me $5! Ha!
  2. by   Josh1183
    Quote from Tariejay
    Yep. **** told me by May 1st if I haven't heard something to call her.Maybe tomorrow we'll know.
    Have you heard anything from Marie?

    And deal haha $5!
  3. by   AmberNic0Le
    Josh, you owe me $5!!!!!!
  4. by   Josh1183
    Haha yes I do! I can't believe it though, this wait is crazy!
  5. by   Josh1183
    I have good news though! I talked to a source who wishes to remain anonymous but "they" said the rejection letters have been delivered!! So with any luck that means we are in the clear!!!!!
  6. by   AmberNic0Le
    Your source better be right or you owe me $10! Haha! When were the rejection letters sent out?
  7. by   Josh1183
    Hahaha she better be or I'm going to be broke :P she thought Tuesday but wasn't 100% on then or Moday. She works in the admin department but happened to have a meeting with members from the HSC Yesterday and she asked them then. Another 4 hours before the mailman comes!
  8. by   AmberNic0Le
    Don't get my hopes up!
  9. by   AmberNic0Le
    You better post as soon as the mailman comes!
  10. by   Josh1183
    Hahaha will do!
  11. by   Josh1183
    Nothing today... I'm not guessing anymore lol I think they forgot about us.
  12. by   AmberNic0Le
    Dangit! Guess nothing is better than a rejection letter!!!
  13. by   Josh1183
    That's the truth haha!

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