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Just wondering if anyone has any info on the career ladder track at Rose State. I am a LPN and applying for the first time to the RN program. So far I have 96 points and I am going to take my compass again to raise my math. Any... Read More

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    I wish they would hurry! The wait is killing me!!

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    These final days are the worst! And the kicker is, they've had the decision made for over a month already lol when I got my letter last November it was dated Oct. 1stI don't see the harm in letting us know the cutoff before letters go out, that way we can look at clinical schedules and know whether to get our TB test done and stuff.
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    I don't want to do everything I need to do at the last minute!
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    I applied last semester with 132 and didn't get in. I am stalking my mailbox daily. Don't know if I can handle the rejection again!!
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    Oh because of the GPA thing? What a terrible cutoff idea.. Who maintains a 4.0??? I have either 132 or 137 depending on if they accepted all my work docu.**** said they would but I know they are sticklers when it comes to that but hopefully either way We will all be good on points this time. Good luck!
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    Yep.... it was pretty terrible! I hope so! My anxiety level is out of control!! Good luck to you too!!
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    Do they send acceptance letters certified mail and rejection letters regular mail?
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    Quote from AmberNic0Le
    Do they send acceptance letters certified mail and rejection letters regular mail?
    That's a good question. They sent the rejection letters standard first class last time, but I would assume the acceptance letters are certified. I hope they look formal too, it's definitely going on the 'fridge... With TWO magnets!
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    LoL, mine is going in a frame on the wall!!! All that hard work deserves recognition!!!!
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    Nothing again today. Looks like next week it is then...

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