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  1. 0 hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about when to expect letters from rose. I put in my application on February 1st, the deadline was March 1st. I was thinking should hear something back around the end of May or beginning of June. But was wondering if anyone has any better info than I have! Thanks!!
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    I wish I knew too. I appplied as well, but have my doubts I'll be getting in. What's stressful is that I am in the process of getting a job at Mercy for a diet tech job and if I get in, I'll have to quit... which is something I feel will be a blemish if I every apply to Mercy again.

    here's hoping that you (and I) will get some more info soon. If it's like other schools, if you get in, your letter will arrive mide to late may. if you don't it'll be in June and you'll be informed where you stand on the wait list. I may be wrong, but it's what I've been told by other people.
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    Thanks shallots! I did talk to the secretary for the nursing department and if you are applying to the beginning track program she said they should have the cutoff points available in the next two weeks. From that you can "unofficially" determine if you got in or not. If you are applying to the bridge program they already have the cutoff points determined, I believe she said 76, but not for sure. She was not able to tell me any thing closer than that. But hey, it is a start!
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    Today I was told the cut off was 131 for the beginning track and that letters are going out this week.