Public Health/Office Nursing vs. Hospital Nursing...

  1. I've been researching jobs for new RNs as I'll be graduating in July, and I'm becoming a little stressed about where I should begin my nursing career. I got my BS in Biology in 2002 and then went on to work at a Health Dept as an Immunization Clinic Organizer, which really did not require a science background, although it helped greatly! I absolutely LOVED my job in Public Health and loved the office setting, which I know I would be good at after I get my RN license. I don't mind multi-tasking, paperwork, etc. I'm currently half way through OU's Accelerated BSN program and I'd say 90% of my fellow students are on track to becoming ER, ICU, Med/Surg nurses and from my clinical experiences that just is not for me. I find it very interesting and love working with the patients, but the fast-paced, hospital environment is not a good fit.
    I'm hoping that I can find the right job after I graduate, but I'm becoming nervous that most of the jobs available for new RNs are in Med/Surg. Much respect for all those Med/Surg nurses out there... you deserve a medal for all of your hard work
    Are there any physician office or public health RN's that could offer me a little advice? I'm sure that I'll be discovering more options as the Spring semester gets going, but right now I'm feeling slightly flustered.
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  3. by   pcesRN
    as much as i hate to say this... you would benefit yourself by getting some hospital experience first. with that said, i don't enjoy hospital nursing at all, and like you would much rather do a private office or something of that sort. Those jobs are tough to get though. Most offices have LPN's instead of RN's. I wish you luck in your decision and your search - neither is simple!