OU Trad. BSN Program

  1. 0 Does anyone here on allnurses currently go to OU's nursing program (any location)? What was your GPA? Any advice you can give?

    Do you know what the likelihood of being accepted would be for someone with a 3.5-3.6 GPA and 4.0 science GPA?

    Please help! I'm trying to figure out what I am going to do.
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    Hi! I'm currently a junior in the program in OKC. My GPA was 3.75-ish, science 4.0, and it seems that that was pretty high. I think your chances are good. Given the chance to do it over, I'd have gone to UCO, though, so if you can, I'd suggest that you apply at least to those two.

    Good luck!
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    Hey. Jezebelle, I was wondering what you think about the OU program now. I'm an alternate for this fall (2011) and am curious what you think now that you've finished your first year. Do you know how many people are on the alternate list?
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    I got into the OU-Tulsa ABSN program (ABSN is supposedly the most competitive) with a 3.4 overal and 3.4 science. If that helps. My last two years (of 5) of my first BS were all upper division sciences (advanced micro, comparative ecological physiology, etc) and were all A's, so I think they do, in fact, look at the bigger picture. Plus, it doesn't hurt to pull every string you can I freely admit that's what got me in. However, there are others up here with comparable grades (one even had a 3.0) who are doing just fine in classes, so they can see past a few B's and C's. **The key is good grades in your pre-req's--that's all they care about** Good luck to you.

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