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  1. hello all,

    i will apply in the fall of 2009 at ou to hopefully start in june 2010.

    are there any students (present or past) that know what gpa will be needed to be competitive?


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  3. by   prwd2bRN
    i will apply in the fall of 2009 at ou to hopefully start in june 2010.

    are there any students (present or past) that know what gpa will be needed to be competitive?

    hi okie1,
    i am an ou alum, wishing you the best of luck w/ your education. i attended the lpn to bsn program and their gpa requirements in 2004 was 3.5 or better (of course, the higher the gpa the better). i am almost sure it is the same for the accelerated. i also hear the accelerated program is extremely tough, i hope you don't have to work too. folks i've talked to have later wished they took the part time program or a leave of absence from work. but, whatever your situation i wish you the best. boomer sooner!!!
  4. by   pickawaytulsa

    First of all, best of luck to you!

    I went to the application workshop last fall and someone asked that question. The answer was, that this process is dynamic and that the G.P.A. requirement varies, depending upon the bank of applicants for that year. The example given was that in some years the average G.P.A. was a 3.25 and other years it has been a 3.5.

    Of course, with the number of applicants so high, it's even more competitive, so it will be interesting to know what the average is this year! I have about equal amounts of A's and B's and am on the listing to be considered as an alternate. However, I am also currently completing 2 of the 4 science pre-reqs that they really look at, so that may help when I turn in my grades this semester.

    Heaven knows, you probably have a straight 4.0! However, just be sure that you have back-up plans. Word on the street is that applications are about 6-fold in general to any nursing school because of the recession.
  5. by   Amy311
    I applied for this year too. Do you guys have any idea when we will find out if we got in or not? I already got into the UCO traditional program and I am applying to the traditional program at OU just in case too. I have heard the same thing about the accelerated program being intense. Almost too intense...also I heard from someone (probably not a reliable source who knows!) that OU's accelerated program has a lower percent of RNs who pass their NCLEX the first time.

    Have you guys heard this?? Hopefully it isn't true...I am sure it is all based on the individual anyways.
  6. by   nolimitam
    i am currently in the accelerated program. i started last june and will be graduating aug. 1, 2010. i heard that there were over 500 applicants to our program when i applied and 41 of us were accepted. two dropped out the first week. i did not have a 3.5 or 3.25 gpa cumulative, i had a 3.0. i did have a 3.5 gpa or close to it just for the prerequisites though. it is a challenging program, but completely doable. i am at the halfway point now. i work currently 40 hours plus a week, although i am only doing that until the beginning of the year. since the program has started i have been working 16 hours a week on the weekend, and i was told that i would not be able to do that by faculty. i did it last semester while maintaining a 3.5 gpa in the program. it is not true that the pass rate is not good for the nclex. several years ago (not at the okc campus mind you) there was an issue with the pass rate, but the issue has since been resolved. i believe that the pass rate now is close to 100% the first time around. overall, i have had a very good experience with this program and i love the instructors for the accelerated program. they really want to see everyone succeed. i have heard horror stories about other programs on this website, so i am very appreciative that i have not had any bad experiences. good luck to you and i believe that you will be happy with your choice. it is not easy, but it is doable. the time also goes by quickly. :d
  7. by   Amy311
    When did you find out you got into the accelerated BSN program? Before Christmas??? I am waiting on my letter from OU to decide whether or not to go to UCO. I start that in the Spring if I take it so I have to order all my scrubs very soon.

    I am glad to hear that you recommend it!
  8. by   nolimitam
    I did not find out that I got in until the end of Feb.
  9. by   estursa
    I applied to the ABSN program for the 2010 cohort. While I grew up in OKC, I moved to Germany with my husband last year who is in the Air Force. I was curious if there were any short breaks at all for this program. I know there are classes year round but I was curious if I would even have a oppertunity to come back to Germany for a short stent. Also, when was the newcomers orientation scheduled for you all? I am wondering how soon I would want to come back to OKC. Thanks!
  10. by   nolimitam
    I am currently in the program and we got fall break off. There was a small break inbetween summer and fall. We had a winter break, but we had a intersession class during that time. We had almost a month off and the intersession classs can mostly be done on line. There was just an interview that had to be done in person. Between spring and summer I know that there will be two intersession courses that we have to complete. So, there are some breaks in there, but they aren't very long.
  11. by   estursa
    Thank you so much for your response! It's great to know that there are at minimum short breaks. At the least, my husband could come spend some time in Oklahoma when the schedule is light. I cannot wait to find out, the suspense is killing me. Hopefully only another week or so. Good Luck with the program! I hope that it has been all that you imagined it would be.
  12. by   nolimitam
    It has been a good experience. Get ready for a lot of work, but it will all be worth it in the end. I will tell you now that the instructors in the accelerated program are great; very supportive. It is a crazy schedule to keep up with, but it helps the program to go faster. You will have to definitely post if you make it in and I will probably be at the open house orientation. I would love to welcome you to the program. Good luck!!!
  13. by   LaLaws

    Are you at the OKC campus? I'm in my second semester of OU's ABSN program at the campus is Glendale, CA. I was just wondering is you physically go to class for the didactic courses (human experience in health, pharm, A&C, etc) in OK or if you do everything online (discussion boards, video/audio lectures, etc) like we do. Of course, we went to campus for exams, health assessment lab, skills lab, enrichment days, etc. Thanks!
  14. by   estursa
    At the OK campus, from what I have learned through others, the didactic portion is primarily on campus but portions of the course maybe online or independent study, as well as certain courses. Sorry I cannot answer more thoroughly, but I am not currently attending the program. I too would like to learn more. Some of OU's other programs have the course listing online with course objectives and when you take them. This would be helpful because I am not currently taking classes but I have been studying up on past materials, I just wish I knew what the first semester holds. But, I have not yet found this material on the website.