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OSU OKC Fall 2013 Nursing?

  1. 0 Anyone else out there apply for OSU OKC for Fall 2013? Super nervous. Applied for Spring 2013 also, but didn't get in because I was finishing my last two classes (micro and physiology). I think I should have 89 points, but still nervous. Any idea when letters will go out?
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    Hi lsl3197! I applied at OSU-OKC for the fall 2013 semester with 89 points also! I submitted an application to OCCC with 17 points as well. I am so anxious and I can't wait to receive a response! I am hoping we will know something by the first week of May.

    Are you currently a student at OSU-OKC? I am a graduating from OSU-Stillwater in 25 days and I'm really looking forward to the summer.

    I'm glad you started an OSU-OKC thread - hopefully some other applicants will join in!
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    Hello! I got my acceptance letter this past week and it said Fall Semester is a minimum of 83points, so you should be good to go! Good luck to you! Anybody else out there get their acceptance letter?
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    Hey fritochilipie! I got my acceptance letter also - it is so exciting! Congratulations on being accepted! I know the summer will go by quickly, but I can't wait for August. Have you started buying any of your supplies?
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    I got my acceptance letter on Saturday! A question--do you have to pay for another background check even though we just did one for our application? Maybe it's a more detailed check, not sure. And--has anyone done an online CPR course?
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    Hey lsl3197! My understanding is that it is indeed a more thorough background check. You should have a yellow handout in your acceptance packet that explains the procedure. We have to go to a special website - Background Screening, HR-Solutions, GroupOne Services - to obtain the background check. I believe it is $45 and OSU has access to the results online. I wish we didn't have to pay for a background check twice, but I guess OSU thinks it works best that way.

    I have not taken a CPR course yet. I finish at OSU-Stillwater in two weeks, so I've made a giant to-do list that I will start on as soon as I finish the semester.

    We have so much to do and so many things to buy before August 19th but it is pretty exciting!

    lsl3197 and fritochilipie, are you two already at OSU-OKC? Do you have plans for the CPR course? Do you know anyone else that has been accepted to our class?
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    I am not enrolled at osu okc right now. I have a bachelors in marketing from OU--1996. I'm starting a 2nd career with nursing. . I looked at the American heart association site--there are some online classes or classroom settings. Not sure which I will do. Let me know what you decide to do on the CPR certification. Good luck with your last few weeks of school!
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    I haven't purchased anything yet or signed up for CPR classes. Gonna get my head in the game beg of May- right now I am just taking a break....feeling so relieved to not have to worry about getting in! I thought for sure i'd be playing the wait game til May, so it was def a nice surprise to get the letter so quick.
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    I came across this page while searching for spring 2014 applicants. How is everyone liking their first semester? Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for new nursing students?