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Hello Everybody, I Just Wanted To See If Anyone Else Will Be Joining Me At Osu-okc For Spring Of 09'. I Received An Acceptance Letter The Day Before Thanksgiving So It Was A Wonderful Thanksgiving... Read More

  1. by   NatZano
    Thanks, I'm sorry you didn't get accepted , 83 is a high cutoff. They must have had a lot of applicants with high points for the cutoff to be so high. I'm glad I waited til this year. Have you taken all your sciences? I will be sure and let you know how the program goes so you know what to expect!
  2. by   jewls67
    Hey NatZano,

    I know it sucks!!

    I do have all of my sciences out of the way. I am thinking the reason why I didn't get in , is because I scored a 60 on the hesi exam. If I was to score a 79 next time on it, my points will raise to 83 points... So , I will try to apply again and retake the hesi exam for spring 2010 semester...

    However, I did get on the alternate list at occc's fast track program this year. Since I got on the alternate list I did speak with the nursing director there. She said I was eligible for the 1+1 program... With that being said, I haven't been completley accepted into the 1+1 program yet,so I would have to get accepted into the votech first in order to be fully accepted into the 1+1 program. So, I still do have a little bit of hope of getting into the 1+1 program at OCCC this year..... ???lsebeg:

    Good luck to you NatZano !!

    And yes please keep me informed on how it is going!!