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Hello Everybody, I Just Wanted To See If Anyone Else Will Be Joining Me At Osu-okc For Spring Of 09'. I Received An Acceptance Letter The Day Before Thanksgiving So It Was A Wonderful Thanksgiving... Read More

  1. by   NatZano
    I was told by the nursing advisor that if I had at or above a 77 or 76 that it was a sure thing that I would be accepted to the program. I applied for this fall- no word yet.
  2. by   jewls67
    Thanks for the info! I just hope that I get in!! Did they say when they are sending out letters??

    Good luck to you!!
  3. by   NatZano
    I don't know when to expect a letter. I'm guessing by the end of this month they should have them sent out. I'll probably call the school and find out because I can't stand the waiting!
  4. by   jewls67
    Hey NatZano,

    I can't stand the waiting either!! I don't know if I will get in or not. My total points is 73 points, so who knows...?? That is cool if you get in though, and that they said if you had 76 or 77 points, then you should be good. I pray that I get in!lsebeg:

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   NatZano
    Thanks! Since anything at or above a 77 is a guarantee, I would think 73 points would give you a really good chance of getting accepted. If anything, you'll at least get in their 1+1 program (I think that's what it's called?).
    Hope to see you in the fall!
  6. by   jewls67
    Hey! thanks for telling me that! I am getting kindof getting discouraged about nursing school
    the reason being, is that I applied to ou and occc's fast track nursing programs this year and didn;t get accepted this year Well, I got on the alternate list at occc's, but I am like number 25th alternate.. So I am holding out on trying to get accepted into osu-okc's.... That would be great even if I got into the 1+1 program!! Hope to see you there in the fall too!! Let's keep our fingers crossed

    I am just wondering when they are going to send out the letters...?? I keep trying to call the nursing department and everytime I call I get an answering machine.. Did you happen to find out anything?? Thanks!!
  7. by   NatZano
    Still no word here. How does the fast track at OU work? I really want to go to OU health to get my bachelor's. I thought I needed to have an RN license first with an associate degree. So far I have all the courses completed for the nursing degree at OSU except for Physio and the nursing classes. Plus I've taken algebra,medical terminology, a humanities course and an extra psychology course. I'm taking statistics this summer. It seems like I have been going to school FOREVER and nothing yet to show for it! I need to go to the school and put in a change of address at some point soon, so maybe I'll get some answers about when the letters will be sent out in person
  8. by   jewls67
    Hey! Well, there are several fast track options at OU.. The one that I applied for is the accelerated bsn 14month program. It is designed for people who already have non-nursing bachelor's degrees. There is also another there which is the RN to BSN. This is for people who already have an associate's of RN who want to go on to get there BSN. That program I think is 9 months long. Then I think there is one that is the LPN-BSN. I think that it is 9 months, but you have to have at least a year's experience as a LPN. So, there are many options out there.

    I know exactly how you feel being in school forever! I have been to occc got my associate's in science. Then went on to OU, got my bachelor's in science. Now I am waiting on to get into nursing. What a long road!

    I just wish something would happen soon, cause I am sooooo ready to be a nurse! LOL
    Cool, that would be great if you could find something out! Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!
  9. by   jewls67
    Hello Natzano,

    Did you ever find anything out on when the osu-okc fall 2009 acceptance letters will be sent out?? I called them last week and got an anwering machine, left a message and still no respone. Just wondering if you had heard anything?Thanks! Lets keep our fingers crossed on getting in
  10. by   NatZano
    Thanks for reminding me :wink2: I just called and they said the letters will be sent out today or tomorrow! So, we should know something by tomorrow or wed.... I will let you know when I get mine. Hang in there, the wait is almost over!
  11. by   jewls67
    Thanks for finding out! I will let you know too if I get in or not! Let's cross our fingers!!
  12. by   NatZano
    Well, I got accepted! Sort of expected it since I've taken so many classes, but its a relief none the less! Did you get anything yet? Hope to see you in the fall! :wink2:
  13. by   jewls67
    Congrats on your acceptance letter!! How exciting!! No, I didn't get accepted. the reason being it said the cutoff points was 83 and I had 73, I will apply again in the Spring though! Good luck to you!!!

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