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  1. Ok so will be receiving my AS in Allied Health in Dec.13, 2011. My gpa is a 2.8 right but it will rise to a 3.0 after this semester I havent been able to get into a nursing program I think because of my GPA. I was really considering about about going to oklahoma city university. Do they have a AS in nursing? I know their tution is really expensive but do they have a program where if you work at a specific hospital in oklahoma or in OKC for so many years you will be able to pay them back through working for them for so many years? Please anyone who know any information about their nursing program and tuition that i can pay through college please let me know.
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  3. by   Rob72
    OCU is private, pricey, and BSN. If you are looking at ASN, it will be Rose, OSU, OCCC, etc.. My daughter is an OCU grad (non-nursing), and the only thing the extra tuition brings is possibly a job from the "secret-handshake", and in todays RN market, that is hardly a guarantee, either.

    It is a very good school, but based on the relative cost to compensation after graduation, not so much. They do not have a hospital affiliation that I am aware of (no contracts).

    If you have a job with SWMC, possibly MWC and Nroman Regional, you can receive tuition-contracts.