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Oklahoma City University accelerated BSN acceptance? - page 2

Hi! I just got my letter of acceptance from Oklahoma City University :)! I will be starting the accelerated BSN program in January 2012, and I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me?... Read More

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    Hi! I just applied to the accelerated program for Fall '13 start. I am curious what people think about this program? I know it's expensive, but I am hoping that since the cost of living is lower (I believe) than where I currently live it will all work out. Does anyone have any advice, pros/cons about any aspects of the program besides the cost? I really know next to nothing about it? Any suggestion and/or concerns would be appreciated!
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    Skcvt do you know exactly how much the program costs? I know someone who might be going there but trying to compare between this school and Urochester in NY. Thanks!
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    Hi.. would love to hear anyone's experiences if they are in the program right now!
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    Did you ever go to Kramer? If so, how was it?