OCCC spring 2013 clinical assignments

  1. Hoping someone reads this - I desperately need to trade my clinical assignment! I got stuck with a p.m. lab and Friday clinical at OUHSC. I need an a.m. lab assignment, regardless of the clinical site/day. Can anybody help? They said trades were allowable if mutually agreed upon.
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  3. by   OKNurse2be
    Hi, I am going into NP2. During the break there will be a message board on the Nursing Campus Laboratory Moodle page for each process. I recommend that you post your request on there, because you are more likely to get more responses. I would also email the team leader for NP1 because she might have requests from others also wanting to switch their clinical groups, and they might fit with what you are needing.
    Hope that helps
  4. by   descendingdaphne
    Thanks for the info, nurse2be. I should've clarified that I'm going into NPI - we were told moodle wouldn't open until a few days before classes start. As soon as it does, I'll be sending a mass email, lol! Quick question, if you've got the time - any advice on textbooks? Anybody selling theirs used? Are there any on the list that you didn't end up using? Thanks!
  5. by   OKNurse2be
    Hmm.. they should have given you instructions on how to enroll in Nursing Laboratory in Moodle. The NP1 Moodle page won't open until just a few days before classes start though.
    Wilkinson will be your primary textbook. You will need all of them though. I recommend getting at least 2 careplan books with NANDA diagnosis. I like Ackley the best myself. Get a GOOD drug book!! I bought quite a few books on Amazon cheaper than in the campus bookstore. You can also check half price books for some books too, especially the Q & A resources like Fundamentals Success.
    Other than that, just keep up on your readings, attend every lecture, be prepared for lab because those quiz points matter, and most importantly HAVE FUN! NP1 is stressful, it's new and it's a lot to take in, but it is a lot of fun too if you let it be!
    Good Luck!!