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Just turned in my application...now for the waiting:confused: I only had 17pts, was wondering what everyone else had?... Read More

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    I spoke with ***** in Admissions, and he said to start checking our occc email regularly starting tomorrow!!! And both acceptance and denial letters will be email! Good Luck and I can't wait to know our results!!!
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    I thought they mailed the letters? That's good though if they email means it will be quicker
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    I know! He said that this semester they will be emailed! I hope by "regularly" he means that they are expected a quick response to us! I am curious as to how many applied this year. He said last year that 102 people turned their application in on the deadline date!
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    Wow!!!! 102 that's kind of scary!
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    I have a question.....I have heard from a few classmates that I should go ahead and get started on the background check ect. I have my immunizations, TB test, and CPR completed. I thought that the back ground check was something after the acceptance letter! And oh how I hope it comes soon!
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    I'm not sure on that, I would think you'd have to have it done before the first day starts. Did you get your verification email yet?
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    Yes I think so! The one that confirms my application? I really hope that we find out soon! I think the waiting is going to get the best of me.
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    They sent you one saying how many prefs. and the GPA you turned in? Or are you talking about the one that said that they received the application and that they will send us two separate emails one will be the verification and the other will be if we got in or not. I got that one but not the verification one. I'm confused now?!?
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    To my understanding, they "did away" with the verification letter to speed up the process. I only recieved the first email, they recieved my application. I asked admissions Monday, and they said they are estimating that the acceptance letters will be emailed in 3 weeks from September 14!
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    So they are not doing the verifications anymore? I really wish there were more people on this to see how many points they applied with... The wait is killing me and it's only been a week lol I hope your right at its only 2 more weeks until we know!!

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