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  1. I am currently attending Rose State Community College and I have FINALLY decided I want to become a nurse. I have been attending since 2008 when I graduated highschool. I have been a full time student almost every semester and I am now 21 years old. Most of my classes I have completed were random since I changed my major almost every sememster but now my heart is set on becoming a nurse.

    Here is my dilemma, my GPA is terrible(2.5). I have not applied myself completely in the past and now that I have actually decided on what I want to do I feel that I have wasted alot of time and even set myself back further by being an average student. I want this bad enough that I know I will succeed when I actually get accepted into a program but I really can't afford to waste any more time working towards a school where it is unlikely I will get accepted into the program. I have completed nutrition (A), Med Term (C), Intro to Chem (C), Anatomy (C), Dev Psych (B), and Gen Bio (C). To get into the program at rose I would need to get perfect scores on the compass tests, get my CNA, and make A's in the last two classes required and even retake some of the classes I made C's in (if that is even possible) to be competive in the program. I can then apply in August and IF accepted, start the program next year.

    I would like to eventually get my BSN. I have started looking at other programs (RN and BSN) but I am just unsure of which path I should take. I really want to start working towards my degree and don't want to waste any more time than I already have. I am going to be talking to an advisor next week but would like a little insight in the meantime. THANK YOU!!!
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    Don't worry too much about not doing well initially. My first bachelor's was in English, and I didn't apply myself at all. I was able to make up for it with the pre-req', and I was able to pull up my GPA so that I'm now a competitive applicant. I was really nervous about my GPA being an issue and because of that I thought about doing the LPN-BSN route. Have you thought about the LPN option first and then going for your BSN after one year of experience as an LPN? It's a great option that's not as competitive. Plus, you'd be working as a nurse sooner than you would with a BSN and if I'm not mistaken, OU's LPN-BSN is completely online. So you could potentially work as an LPN while you finish the BSN online. Not too shabby. My suggestion would be to get the CNA license now, start applying to the hospitals in the area and be willing to WAIT (I waited almost 2 months--but it was WORTH it.) for a CNA position at one of them. That's where you're going to learn the most (unless you really want to work in a nursing home). I just started my nursing assistant job at one of the hospitals in the area, and I can do so much more there than I would in a nursing home (vitals, blood glucose sticks, etc). The key to getting one of the hospital CNA positions is writing an extremely professional resume with a killer cover letter with NO GRAMMAR MISTAKES. It also helps to use any connections you have at the hospitals to get a job. Then check out the LPN programs to see if any of them are a viable option for you.

    Just my suggestion. Congrats on deciding what you want to do, and best of luck to you as you determine which route is the best for you!