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    I am currently awaiting to find out if I have been accepted into the Fall 2012 RSU Nursing program and I was just wondering if anybody knew how hard their ranking system is? I am currently in my last pre-req course (A&P) and have made an A (Dosage Calc) and B's (Cell Bio, Orien, and Comp1). I am currently in the process of switching careers, but I have most of my other pre-req's completed for the nursing associates(if admitted) and all but Microbiology and Statistics for the BSN(other than the nursing courses). Some of my B courses where taken a few years ago and I did not feel like retaking them would help my application, especially if they average the grades. But now I am slightly feeling in a panic awaiting the letter that says if I have been admitted or not. So I was just wondering if there any students that have been or are currently in the RSU program that may have some insight?

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    Thank you : )
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    You are welcome.