CNA and AUA..What is the difference? Help this dude lol

  1. I am taking the AUA class starting next month at Moore-Norman Tech because I want to leave my current job and work in a hospital while going to OCCC to become an RN. Maybe become an LPN on the way so I can make some more money to pay my bills. I can imagine that the pay is low for an AUA but does anyone know how low? I make $20 an hr. right now so I am expecting a huge pay cut, probably half lol but the job I work now will not allow me the time to go to school. I am starting my pre-reqs at OCCC this fall and taking 14 credit hours a semester. And I am ready to get out of the industry that I am in. Oh and I am a 27 yr old single dude with no kids I couldn't find any other options for getting a job at a hospital or clinic that wouldn't take at least a year to get some sort of certification to allow me to do so. And what is the difference between a CNA and an AUA? Money is not my reason for becoming a nurse so don't get the wrong idea, I really want to make a difference in peoples lives, I am thinking towards working with burn victims and their families, mostly because my dad was killed 2 years ago in a house fire and it has been very rough for my family and of course big brother here had to be the strong one for everyone to turn to, which I am blessed to be able to do so. I feel I would make a good nurse no matter what field I go into. Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
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  3. by   MsV.
    The training, certification, and regulation of CNAs is through the Oklahoma Department of Health. Their training includes basic nursing assistant skills involving hygiene, mobility, and nutrition, among others. The AUA builds off of those basic skills.
    I found list of AUA approved skills list below.

    I believe that CNAs make around 8-9.00hr and AUAs around a dollar or two more. I have not worked as either so hopefully someone with experience can tell you for sure.
    Good luck in journey to become a nurse!
  4. by   1manwlfpk
    I found that earlier but thank you for helping I cant wait to begin..this is a whole new area and major challenge for me so it is exciting to wonder how far I will take it.
  5. by   MsV.
    Oh, sorry LOL. It is definitely a very exciting prospect. I should start nursing classes in January, pending acceptance. I am considering taking it as far as DNP myself (if I'm not utterly sick of being in school after I make through my ADN and BSN). I think your enthusiasm will take you far, don't lose that!
    I see that you are planning on going to OCCC (great school). If you find that you need to work and can't make it financially to work a much lower paying job, Rose State has an online option where the didactic portion is completely online (minus exams). This is the program I am hoping to get into, I can't get out of working full-time, dang landlord expects rent every month!
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    silly landords lol..yes im goin to OCCC..My job wont allow me to go to school as much as i want to. im taking 14 credit hours a semester..all my classes are online this fall except for my math casses they are at rain reason for wanting to get out of my job i do now and become an AUA is so that i can get my foot in the door and have a job with a more flexible schedule, plus it will help me keep my eye on the goal. Thnx for the info i didnt know anything about rose state having any nursing programs, i will have to check it out. What field of nursing do you want to enter?
  7. by   MsV.
    Ahh the foot in the door, I fortunately have a couple of connections at area hospitals so hopefully that will work in my favor. Rose state's program has great pass rate for the NCLEX too. Similar to OCCCs I believe.
    I know this is what most nurses say but NICU is where I would love to be. I think I could be happy in any area but that is the dream. The OR is another area I think I would really enjoy. I am hoping to get on at OU childrens after school (my connections are at Mercy, still a great hospital though!) fingers crossed....fingers crossed I get into the nursing program period! LOL
    How about you?
  8. by   1manwlfpk
    Well as of right now im trying to get on anywhere i cna get my foot in the door and start getting a feel for it. In the long run i am thinking of working on a burn unit. That or i would also really like to work at st judes in TN. I will know more about exactly where i want to be the more i learn but for right now i just want to learn
  9. by   Zombi RN
    If it helps, I think I made ~10$/hour working as an AUA in acute care. The main difference between AUA and CNA is that AUA are certified to do more skills, like urinary catheter insertion, staple & suture removal, and trach care. CNA does not have as many skills in their scope of practice.
  10. by   ciciwaken
    i am also thinking about this option. i was in nursing school since august and life changed its mind so im doing the aua program as of today. But i really think it will work out. i can go back to school when I finish but i truly want better skills so im doing this option. awesome idea and advice in this thread!
  11. by   ciciwaken
    well everyone i finished my program back in december but do to a divorce i am now back on track with school, im hoping to take my aua test soon. only place offering it now is moore norman. can anyone tell me hints to help me study. I have also been studying for other tests to get back into osu nursing program. its been nuts but i will make it any help would be awesome
  12. by   tina 74
    im acna and i make 12.10 hour not bad i work in hospital could make more in nursing home but hospital benafitts are great and pto i love it