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Hello All: I'm a 27 year old male (married, no children) in Tulsa, OK and I'm going to soon be making a fairly dramatic career change into the world of nursing. I graduated from OSU with a business degree in 2005 and I've... Read More

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    So what did you decide? Did you get in to RSU for fall '10? I was in the same boat as you... exactly same boat. I ended up putting all of my eggs in the RSU basket because TCC screwed me over and I wasn't allowed to take the last 2 pre-reqs I needed for the OU ACC. BSN program. I probably wouldn't have been competitive with a BSBA GPA of 2.54 anyway... but I'm angry none the less.

    I was accepted into RSU's program for the fall (2010) with an A in all pre-reqs except Physiology (B) I took it Anat. Seperate for the BSN program I was originally trying for, I'm sure that helped with my points on the ranking system.

    I've been screwed by TCC one too many times, between the LACK of advising and horrible financial aid employees I'm DONE with that school. My husband is also going to college (for his 1st degree) and we will pay the extra $ for him to take classes at RSU as well (we live in Tulsa) just so we don't have to deal with the lazy, non-caring, "workers" in the office at TCC. It's a shame because my professors were amazing... and I really liked the classes I took there, but I've had enough with the office crap.

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    I chose RSU and made all As in my pre-reqs so I'm starting the RN program this fall and really looking forward to it. I have also been looking at RSU's BSN program and it looks like I can start knocking out BSN courses during the Associate program since I already have my basics from my OSU degree. Step 1 in my big career change plans is happening :-).
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    Friar Tuck...
    How are you liking RSU?
    I'm considering it instead of TCC.
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    I'm liking RSU quite a bit. It's not easy, but I don't think any nursing program worth its salt would be. You just have to study and stay focused. Also helps if you are a good test taker :-). Overall it has a been a good experience and RSU seems to be respected in the hospitals.
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    Does anyone about how many applications for the nursing program RSU recieves and about how many are actually accepted? I am currently finishing my pre-req to be eligable to apply fall of 2013, needing to know what my chances are?
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    i think they had around 200 applications and accepted 90 for this fall

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