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    Just out of curiosity has anyone else signed up for a CPR class yet? I went to Francis Tuttle yesterday and got a spot in their March class and at the time there were a few spots still available.

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    I signed up for one, but it's here at Meridian Technology in Stillwater. It's March 13 & 15 at 6 pm. I'm not sure of anywhere you can do it in the city. There has to be an organization that specializes in health certifications.
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    It seems like I've heard of people getting their CPR certification at Moore-Norman Technology and I'm pretty sure that Metro Tech offers classes as well. I had to go with Francis Tuttle, though, because it's so convenient to where I live.
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    Check out They're located in OKC, and are certified through the American Heart Association. The class only took about 3 hours. My certification is good through Aug 2013, but I feel like I need to review it because I haven't participated in an actual code yet--all of my patient's who coded did so about an hour after my shift.
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    I signed up for the CPR class at OCCC on April 7th
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    I'll be taking the class at OCCC on April 7th as well.
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    I took my CPR class at CPR for Life. I called on a Friday and they actually had an opening for the following day's class. The class was at their office near NE 50th and I-235 in Oklahoma City and cost $45.00. Their phone number is 308-9629. Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing you all at the orientation on May 18th!
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    So, basically the CPR class at OCCC was cancelled for April. The next class is May 5, I think. That's cutting it too close for me, even though I already bought and opened the 17$ book. Anyone know of a place offering it in April?
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    Sooo is everybody ready for this adventure? Lord knows i'm ready for the orientation so i can get more information about our schedule. Excited to meet you all and see ya on Friday!
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    I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and seeing familiar faces. The nerves from waiting for acceptance to waiting for "what the heck are we going to be doing?" are going overboard!

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